My Afternoon with the Sunflowers


After a wonderful weekend that was spent visiting a county fair on Friday evening, brunching with family in New York City on Saturday, and taking some “me” time on Sunday for a massage and a facial, I capped off my action packed weekend with a trip to Sussex County, New Jersey to see the annual bloom of the Sussex County Sunflower Maze. I have never been before, and it was definitely worth the hour plus drive it took me to get up there!


I wanted to see this sight for many reasons, mostly because I LOVE sunflowers! They are one of my favorite flowers! I have also never been to a flower patch like this before, and I knew the photos would turn out beautifully. My brother, who is an AMAZING nature photographer, came with me and we brought out whole photography set ups – including our Nikon’s, tripods, and cases – we definitely took over the spots where we set up to take our respective photos!

There were two large mazes that have been grown, the first spells out “gratitude”, and the other was in the shape of a peace sign.


I wore my as-of-the-moment favorite dress named the “Vanessa” from Julia Engel’s beautiful line Gal Meets Glam, and a wide brimmed hat that features a yellow ribbon that I bought on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg a few years ago. IT WAS SO HOT out in the field, and not very breezy, but the light linen fabric kept me as cool as I could be! We probably spent about an hour amidst the sunflowers, then started on our journey home.

If you would like more information about visiting the sunflowers, I have attached their website here! Happy photographing and sunflower-ing!




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