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Okay guys – I am so excited to sit down and write this blog post. Literally, as soon as I came home from my day I grabbed by computer and started to channel all of my enthusiasm into this post! I hope you enjoy it 😍

This past Saturday, I spent the better part of the day with one of my best friends at SoJo Spa Club! Though they only opened two years ago, they have been taking the area by storm through their social media presence and by providing truly unique services and experiences. SoJo is a Korean-inspired day spa located in Edgewater, NJ. It overlooks the Hudson River and provides some pretty amazing views of Manhattan. The building is massive, and is spread across four levels of indoor and outdoor facilities. There are over a dozen specialty pools & baths, eight different styles of saunas, and so much more that are included with daily admission.

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Before I give you my recap, let me give you the most important “pro tip” that I learned from my experience: arrive to the club as soon as they open – at 9 am, or as close to opening as you can. SoJo is SO popular now that loads of people flock from all over to spend their day there. I am not much of a crowd person, plus I wanted to get those great solo shots. We arrived around 9:30 which was perfect, as it was relatively quiet for the first few hours.

First, we started exploring the different saunas and therapy rooms. Not only did each room provide distinct and diverse health benefits, they were all unbelievably unique in their decor and aesthetic. SoJo has a white clay sauna, a red clay sauna, an infrared sauna, a charcoal sauna, a Himalayan salt sauna, and for therapy rooms – an ice room, a halo therapy Room, and a Ganbanyoku Room. Read about the individual health benefits and see pictures of each, here!). The one “add on” treatment that I opted to do was the volcanic sand bath. Knowing that SoJo is the only spa outside of Japan to offer this treatment, I knew I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. You can read more about the process and benefits of the sand bath here!

That’s me under there!!!

My favorite saunas were the charcoal and the Himalayan salt saunas. The charcoal sauna was almost entirely black, with small ceiling lamps illuminating large split disks of charcoal on the walls. The disks looked like flowers, and was almost like viewing an art installation! The Himalayan salt sauna was also incredibly beautiful. The walls were stacked floor-to-ceiling with the uniquely-pink colored salt bricks. I know about the health benefits of consuming food-grade charcoal and Himalayan salt, but learning about their benefits in a sauna-setting was so fascinating!

Once we felt complete with our sauna time, we wanted to explore the pools and baths. Now, mind you that it’s February in New Jersey, and was in the 30’s allllll day, but the outdoor spaces are fully prepped for the winter with heated pools and heating tents so you don’t have to be cold for too long in your bathing suit! We went up to the infinity pool on the 8th floor first to take in the sun and the views. After a bit of time and some great pictures, we went down to the 6th floors to check out the baths.


The outdoor baths were definitely my favorite feature of SoJo. I loved their settings, being in close proximity to each other but having their own distinct sections, vibes, and again – their own health benefits! The baths included a foot massage path, a hydrotherapy pool, a hinoki Bath, a carbon-rich bath, a silk bath, and a cold waterfall – read more about them here!

I got a buuuunch of DMs asking about the swimsuit I was wearing, and I was so happy because it was the first time I wore it! It is the Portofino one piece in “rose” from Monday Swimwear! It was my first purchase from Monday, and I was so excited to receive and wear it. I have been working out really intensely for several months, so it was really exciting to show off my hard work in a new swimsuit.


After a spot of lunch from the cafe (I had the vegetable ramen which was DELICIOUS), our day had to come to an end due to our respective schedules. We left around 2:30, and felt that we fully experienced everything SoJo has to offer from the daily admission, plus at that time it was starting to get quite crowded. I would recommend anyone go to SoJo, but remember by tip of getting there first thing in the morning, regardless of the day of the week. I am so excited to go back, and am already planning my next visit!


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