One Year of Blogging

(Hey there my eagle-eyed readers, I’ve just made a little change I hope you’ll be as excited about as I am!! … have you seen it yet?! If not keep reading 😉)

I wanted to thank you, as always, for taking the time to read my words and understand my thoughts as I continue to grow and explore new aspects of creating, blogging, photographing, and editing. This past year of blogging has been such an interesting one! I learned not only so much about how to understand the workings of WordPress (which is not an easy feat, and I know I have SO much more to learn), but a lot about my audience, and most importantly, myself!


When I started this blog one year ago, I wanted to connect with the New York art world as much as I could, and wanted to write solely about art and travel. During 2018 however, I didn’t travel as much as I would have wanted to, and found that the majority of my Instagram posts were about fashion! I have always looooved fashion and put a lot of care into how I present myself (most days anyway!), but I didn’t expect it to have worked out that way! I also started my page and my my Poshmark account, both of which have turned out to be a small but great source of secondary income. Likewise, I started writing full blog posts (here, here, here, and here) about the more special looks that I’ve posted!


With all of this in mind – I realized that the title The Cultured Curator (the name I chose when I wanted to write all about art) of today wasn’t exactly meeting the expectations or criteria I had set for myself one year ago. With all of that said, time for my little announcement!! As of today, I will officially be renaming the blog to Francesca the Curator! I feel this little change is such an exciting one, because I’ve realized that this blog and my content are about so much more then just the goings on about the art world; it is an incorporation of important things in my life – fashion, travel, health, lifestyle, and so much more!

Here’s to the next year and chapter, and another huge THANK YOU to all of you amazing readers and followers, and happy first birthday to my little baby blog, The Curator!


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Hi there, and welcome to Francesca the Curator where I share my love for art, travel, fashion, and everything in between.

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