A Dream Summer Come True

For a while now, I have felt stuck. In my career, in some relationships, and just in an overarching, frustrating life rut. In the ways that I can, I pull myself forward by doing the things that fuel my passions and interests like working out, cooking, visiting museums, blogging, and taking the occasional day trip and weekend away. But after that thrill fades, the stuck feeling inevitably creeps back up. Now, I don’t mean to sound as if I’m throwing myself a pity party … I have the blessings of an incredible, supportive family, wonderful friendships, the consistency of a job, and so many more I probably couldn’t fit them all on this page!!! Still, I couldn’t shake that inexplicable feeling of that life-void that we all sometimes experience.

In my search for the “missing piece”, I started to search the depths of the internet looking for summer plans that would enhance my life even after the summer ends. I narrowed down my art related interests and passions, and places I would want to live for an extended period of time. I and found a few courses in the U. S. and abroad that fit the criteria I had set out for myself. One course, and even more so, one city peaked my interest the most. What was crazier, is that I have known about this school and their programs for a few years, from a friend I met when I was living in London that had enrolled a few years prior.

After hearing about that course over three years ago, I started saying to my friends that doing that course in that city would be a dream of mine. I had continued to say that to my friends and family for the past few years … and now it’s coming true!! This city had a major impact on my life when I started traveling as an adult. It is a city that means so much to me, a city that is at the epicenter of my artistic passions, and a city I have wanted to call a temporary home. SO, without further ado, this summer I will be saying a goodbye to America and buongiorno to ….








I fell absolutely and unbelievably in love Florence the first time I visited when I was 20. During the year I lived in London, I was fortunate to be able to have gone back for a few days, which further enhanced my bond with all of its glory. For July and August, I will be studying art, history, architecture, the Italian language,and so much more!! I will see works of art I have read and dreamt about for countless years. This opportunity will enhance my life in more ways than I can even begin to imagine.

This summer will be more than a dream come for me, and is coming at a time when I need it so much. I can’t wait to bring you along with me, to share my upcoming adventures, and show you what I am most passionate about!



The bronze boar statue that, if you touch, will bring you back to Florence!

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