Holiday Gifts for your Men

Coming off of my holiday gift guide for the ladies, I needed to acknowledge the wonderful men in the world! I asked my male followers what they would want to receive as a gift, mixed in what I want to give the special men in my life. From fathers to brothers, friends, cousins, boyfriends and husbands, you will find something that your men will love! Some of the items below are my ideas, but lots were given by you when I put the “questions” box on my Instagram stories last week – to which I say THANK YOU to those that participated. The items within each section are of various price points and go from $-$$$$, if you see something that doesn’t match your spending intentions, keep scrolling through the sections!

(for full disclosure, the items listed below are linked by an affiliate program that gives me a small commission when something sells, but nothing has been sponsored to have a product included in this list)

For the man who loves a little luxury

I personally think that one of the most special things to open on Christmas Day is something that I already own and use, but in an upgraded version of it! Here are a few items of luxury that your men would love!

For the jet setter

From all of my travels, I now know what works for me and the items I like to bring on board in order make my journey as comfortable as possible. While each person obviously has their own way of doing things, there are a few essentials that any traveler needs to have!

For the guy setting up a new home

I know so many people that are setting up new apartments with friends or significant others, and the one thing I keep hearing is their surprise of the amount of time, money, and energy that it takes to curate the space to meet their lifestyle and taste. Any bit of help from friends or family members to help them along would be such a help!

For the techie

Companies always plan to roll out their new and/or improved gadget around the holidays, and it’s so exciting to open up a new technological *something* that is the talk of the season!

For the groomer

In my opinion, to see a man that takes pride and puts care into his daily appearance is such a striking attribute. From skin care, to razors, and kits, here is a list of options for the groomers in your life!

For the trend-setter

Okay serious question, what’s better than a well-dressed man? I’ll answer: absolutely nothing. For the fashion-forward man in your life, or for the man you want to give a little fashionable nudge, here are a list of suggestions of style staples and this year’s trendy pieces!

For the man you want to splurge on

While it’s not always necessary or possible to totally splurge on your mans, it’s still nice to look and gather ideas! Here is a list of splurge-worthy items for your men!


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