Boots with the Cutouts

Do you know that feeling when you’re just absolutely lusting after something? It’s not far from your mind, you save photos of it, fantasize about owning it, and imagine how you would feel once it becomes yours. Then do you know the feeling when, after some patience, that special item finally becomes yours?! Those were my exact emotions when these Alexander Wang shoes finally became mine. They are the Gabi bootie in black leather with palladium metal plate, if you want the specifics.

Versions of this style have been out for a few years now, but I really took notice of them on one of my most stylish friends in grad school, who had them in a lower heel. I thought the little cut out on the back was so incredibly innovative and sleek, but still classic and wearable. I absolutely loooved them, but then seeing their somewhat hefty price tag caused me to rethink my instant infatuation.


Over the years, I have seen them at the various department stores I often haunt at my nearest mall, sometimes stopping to admire them up close. Fast-forward to this fall, I noticed that my few-years-old, go-to booties from Aldo were looking pretty worn out. I am very meticulous with taking the best care of my possessions that I can, but life happens and especially with shoes, scuffs, water marks, and stains are bound to ensue.

Having a specific “reason” to replace my black booties, I knew this was going to be the year I would ask for new booties for Christmas, specifically, the Gabi bootie from Alexander Wang. I suggested it to my mom with the caveat that I would do the research, wait for the best deal, then make the purchase. Over Cyber Weekend, I was searching the depths of the internet from serval luxury retailers to see who would have the better incentives and percentages off. My prayers to the fashion and discount gods were answered by Saks Fifth Avenue on Cyber Monday when I saw that the boots were already on a large markdown, then combined with website-wide $150 extra off, if the item was over a certain dollar amount. All in all, we paid less than half of the retail cost.


I have been lucky enough to have a mother who has taught me the value and importance of investment pieces (buy it once and take the best care of it, and it will last you a long time), but also the benefits of sales, point systems, and most importantly patience before making your investment. Even at the sale price, these wouldn’t be an everyday purchase for me. And even though I was expecting them, opening them on Christmas morning was so exciting. I wore them that night for dinner with my family, with black jeans, a red sweater, red earrings, and red lipstick, and got many compliments from my aunts and cousins.

Cradling them Christmas morning
Here’s a little screen grab of my Christmas dinner outfit with my new boots!

About a week ago, I brought them to my local shoemaker to have them conditioned and have a rubber bottom added to protect the original leather sole. There will also be a 0% chance I wear them outside if the weather isn’t anything but perfect (a big ask during New Jersey winter, I know 😂). So in the meantime, they will remain in their box in my closet. I can’t wait to wear them more and style them up in so different ways, my mind is already running with ideas!

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