An Afternoon Field Trip to Branch Brook Park

In the wake of this current pandemic, so many aspects of our daily lives have been altered. From working, socializing, traveling, and everything in between, we live in a much difference reality then we foresaw even a month ago. Last week, in an effort to fight going stir crazy, my family and I got the urge and the time available from our work-from-home schedules to leave the house for a change of scenery and went to Branch Brook Park. The park is generously open to walkers and bikers.

Time for a little back story: I had plans to go to D.C. the weekend of March 27th for the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms and spend time with friends, which I had to cancel. After going last year for the first time, I was so excited to go again and have a little weekend trip away. Mid-March I cancelled my arrangements which was of course disappointing, but obviously listening to the officials and advisors working to protect everyone is more important than anything.


Branch Brook Park is a beautiful little oasis in the north of Newark, and have a famous cherry blossom bloom each year. I had never been, but have always heard great things about the park and the blossoms. Cherry blossoms and magnolia trees are just about my favorite trees, so I’ll take any chance to see a beautiful bloom.



The stories of the bloom did not disappoint. The day was a perfect 65º, sunny, and was expectedly quiet, which made for great photos. We had a nice walk and took the opportunities to take some photos. I put on a dress for the first time in weeks which felt so good (still haven’t managed to have done my hair or put on make up though!). Taking this little afternoon field trip was a perfect distraction and made great memories for my family and me!

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