A Florentine Photoshoot

As the weeks in my beloved city were dwindling down, one of the ways I wanted to memorialize my time was with professional photos. As I’m sure you saw, last summer I was posting to my Instagram constantly with photos of my adventures that my friends would take of me, almost always taken on my iPhone. These images are some of my absolute favorites, and I truly believe that you don’t need fancy equipment to create great content, but sometimes you just can’t beat a DSLR camera with a professional behind the lens.

For a few weeks, I was looking through Airbnb Experiences for photography sessions. I contacted probably half a dozen photographers that were within my price range to further inquire about their offerings, time sessions, and their preferred shooting locations. I ended up with a wonderful photographer, coincidentally named Francesco, and we instantly hit it off. We met around 8 in the morning at le Porte del Paradiso, shot around the Piazza del Duomo, moved through the Piazza della Republica, Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, and finished at the Hotel Torre Guelfa’s rooftop tower, in total spending about four hours together. Of the hundreds of photos taken that morning, here are my personal favorites of the photos I came away with!

For whatever silly reason, I felt a little uncomfortable taking pictures and not smiling! Subconsciously I think I felt like I was “trying too hard” if I wasn’t giving some kind of a grin, but Francesco pushed me to be more straight faced in some shots, and I am so glad he did.

After we went through the “main attractions” of the the city, Francesco took me to the Hotel Torre Guelfa, an exclusive and historic hotel that also has a tallest, privately owned tower in the city! The views were amazing, and it was really great to discover another hidden gem within the city.

I used this image in my Curated Guide to Florence, Italy

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