Friday Favorites: Blue and White

There is no other color combination that make me as happy as blue and white does. Putting on my art history cap for a minute, Chinese porcelain has a long history of trade between East Asia and the West. Before the East-West trade existed, the highest-quality porcelain was reserved only for Chinese royalty. When trade expanded in the 17th century, the Chinese would export to European, American, and Persian markets. Some of these designs and motifs were later used as inspiration for the first chinoiserie designs created in European manufacturers, once their knowledge of creating hard-paste porcelain had evolved (what we refer to as Delftware, is actually tin-glazed earthenware that was originally produced in the Netherlands)

The blue and white combination has lasted the test of time, and in my view isn’t going out of style anywhere soon. Whether it’s an accent piece on a shelf or the entire theme of a room, a subtle touch of an accessory or an entire printed look, here are my favorite picks for blue and white pieces that you’ll love for years to come.

Blue and white for the home:

Blue and white fashion:

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