The Swimsuits I Wore in Kennebunkport, Maine

You might not know this, but I love swimsuits. Which is funny because I do not regularly frequent the beach or pool in the warmer months, and I am vehemently anti-sun 😂. Nevertheless, I love to have a few options in the wings whenever a beach invitation or vacation arrises. I got quite a few dm’s via Instagram about the suits I wore when I was on vacation last week, and thought I would compile a list of the options I brought.

I have to disclaim, that I usually invest in my swimwear, like I do in most of my wardrobe. Investment pieces in general last longer and fit better, which I find is especially important for women with more shape like me. However, I do come across the occasional “fun-quality” piece that I enjoy equally!

These first two suits are from one of my favorite swim lines, Monday Swimwear. This style is called “Aruba” one piece, and is actually my favorite swimsuit of all time. I bought the black one on a sale a little over a year ago, and for Christmas last year my mom got me the white one! The fabric is so smooth, sculpting but not constraining, and is lined but not padded. The classic colors that are usually always in stock are the ivory and black, but once in a while it will be released in a capsule color with a new collection. I only brought the white one of this trip, but here is a photo from last summer in the black suit. Total 10/10 in my opinion!

The next two suits are also from Monday Swimwear. I have the “Corsica” one piece in ivory, and the “Portofino” one piece in rose that I bought a few years ago on an end-of-season sale. I’m practically kicking myself for not taking better photos of the suits that day, but oh well! There is another photo I from last summer with the “Corsica” one piece from my day in Capri. I would give the “Corsica” a 10/10, and the “Portofino” a 9/10, only because it is pretty high cut on the hips, and can easily turn into more of a thong bottom after a few steps, even if you don’t want it to be.

A new brand I extended into trying this summer was FigLeaves. I saw this suit on an influencer I follow on Instagram, and obviously being a fan of this style of suit, I knew I wanted to try it out. The pattern is gorgeous and the fit is really great. I love how this brand features the same pattern in many different styles so everyone can find something they like! I would give this suit a 7/10, because the fabric is good, but not super great.

The last suit I brought was a two piece from Aerie. I have loved Aerie’s long-standing mission for inclusivity and diversity in their models and campaigns. My taste at the moment is more geared towards one pieces, but I’m glad I had a two piece as an option. The sports bra-like top was super comfy and supportive. I’d give this suit a 7/10 because this pattern comes in a lot of styles, and vice-versa, but the fabric isn’t top-quality.

The fam-cation was so much fun and definitely much needed! This trip to Maine was actually a plan B to replace the family trip we had planned abroad that was meant to be in July. It was great to escape the everyday for a week, and explore a new part of the country. We stayed in our own house that was right across the street from the beach, which made it feel like a true vacation. I cannot believe that summer is almost over, and how fast this year has gone by already!

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