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When the uncertainty of the pandemic really hit and the shutdowns began in mid-March, we all had so many concerns and disruptions that came to our lives. Whether they were big or small, we were forced to adapt to a new way of doing things, even temporarily. Of the many questions I had, one of the biggest was wondering how I would keep up my fitness routine that I had worked so hard toward.

I am a person that craves and thrives within structure, and now that my literal gym structure was no longer accessible, I really worried that my motivation would dissipate. I loved the yoga classes at my gym, and would workout with my trainer Robbie twice a week, and that structure kept me accountable and motivated. In April, May, and June I did my best to do track workouts that my trainer sent me, but wasn’t excited about actually doing them. I went for several-miles walks, but found them dull and unstimulating. I experimented with yoga and other fitness classes on YouTube, but my attention span didn’t last more than 30 minutes because there was no one around to keep me engaged and accountable. I went through a difficult phase of grappling with being completely unmotivated, but also not wanting to lose the progress and passion I had spent so much time, money, and effort working towards.

Enter in The Pilates Class around mid-July. I have followed two business women/best friends on Instagram for a few years, and always admired their commitment to sharing how they keep up with their fitness routines, and how they have evolved over the years. Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman are the dynamic duo behind one of my favorite swimwear brands, Monday Swimwear (I’ve posted about the line in a previous post). As influencers, models, and promoters of their own brand, it is literally part of their job to be in great shape at all times (I’m talking serious body goals, you guys). I noticed that Tash, while home in Australia in the beginning of this year, began working out with Jacqui Kingswell and raved about the classes and her results. Devin not long after began taking the online classes from her home in Los Angeles, and gave the same rave reviews. After hearing why they loved the format so much and how happy they were with their results, I thought “what the heck, I’ll give it a try”.

Before I dove into another monthly subscription, I found a few classes on YouTube and followed along to see how I would respond to it. I knew it would be a challenge because I hadn’t worked out in a little while, and I’ve never worked my body in this way before, but oh my gosh … it was SO HARD 😂. In those few thirty-minute classes, I really felt like my body got a true, all over workout. And what was so surprising is that the format didn’t require any running, lifting, or equipment like the workouts I was used to doing did. It was my body working against itself, and I was loving every minute of it. But don’t get me wrong – my heart rate definitely gets elevated and I always breakout into a solid sweat. At the beginning of August, I invested into the $29-a-month subscription and have never looked back. (Btw, it is an incredible bargain in my opinion!)

Now three months later in October, I have stayed consistent in my workouts, trying for at least 4 classes a week as I try to mix in cardio sessions at my gym now that they have equipment outdoors. I have the freedom to choose from the plethora of class genres, length of classes, and areas I want to work that day. Full body classes are my #1 choice, followed by booty-focused classes in #2, and abs-focused classes in #3. I think my commitment to the class comes from two places: firstly my financial investment, and secondly that I am seeing and feeling amazing results! My glutes and abs are firming up, I feel more limber and flexible overall, and the muscle strength I’ve gained makes me feel lean as opposed to tight. I don’t know what the physiological science is behind my observations, but for now I’ll just chalk it up to Jacqui and TPC’s magic 😉.

Jacqui uploads new workouts every week which encourages you to try new things, and this October TPC has been holding a month-long challenge to keep members engaged, accountable, and obviously, challenged. They have grown a very large following on Instagram since their launch last spring, and during that time has created a supportive and encouraging community. The social media manager is so complimentary and excited to repost the workout you did that day, and the members page on Facebook is an extra boost of support and conversation. It is a great way to see what other members are doing, and in turn, keeps you encouraged to keep going and try new classes. There is a 7-day free trial that comes with your initial sign up, and obviously I couldn’t recommend it enough!!!

For the sake of full disclosure, I was not sponsored to write this post, and I will not receive a commission through an affiliate link if/when you decide to sign up. This program is just something that I love, and I just wanted to share it and clearly articulate why ❤️

Link the the TPC website: The Pilates Class

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